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    Rosalind Coffee in Garland, TX

    Rosalind Coffee is a Latino owned coffee shop and roaster in Downtown Garland. At Rosalind's we source the highest quality organic green coffee, so that you may have the best coffee experience possible. Our sustainable green coffees are always the finest beans from around the world. To ensure a memorable moment between you and the cup in your hands, we take a lot of care and attention in our roasting process. We believe coffee shops should be special and intimate - our shop has an eclectic nature, with touches of our Latin culture, MCM decor, and vibrance from a variety of plants. We hope when coming into our shop you are transported to your favorite memory, whether here in Texas or another country. We offer fresh baked pastries from Doughregards, a local favorite, along with house-made pastries and a chef-curated breakfast and lunch menu. Come as you are, all are welcome. We look forward to serving you!